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Who am I?

The builder! Oh no no, not the brick-cement builder, the builder of the world, The Virtual World. Born as a techie, technology runs in my blood, blah blah and more blah! Born as a normal child but grew up as a person who had some technical dysfunctions which resulted me getting into the IT field. Then, the management bug bit me and I ended up getting a degree in Marketing, which is where I found my passion lies. The management skills combined with the technical skills makes an interesting mock tail.

I am passionate about advertising because it requires to maintain a fine balance between logical and rational thinking, it requires us to think creatively and commercially as the same time. I see advertising as a career because I believe I am curious with a creative streak and extremely tenacious. Working in advertising industry will permit me to embark a great journey, a journey which people call career, but for me it is an integral part of my life. There is a tremendous amount of variety in the industry that will provide great job satisfaction.

Advertising acts a medium of information transfer where one needs to convince a lot of people, be it clients, agents, suppliers, consultants and the public. I feel it requires people with great interpersonal skills and a passion which will help them excel. It also requires us to be on our toes all the time. I have a history of completing my work ahead of the schedule. I am organized, mange my time very well, an efficient team player and a people’s person.

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